Encounters with Golden Mahseer Fishing in Nepal
Reminiscing continues. Today I return to an unforgettable adventure at the foot of the Himalayas above one of the most beautiful ganges.

A long, beautiful mainstream braid with a high Sandy River stops several hunters. Without wanting to enter the parade with rafał słowikowskim and his companion eve, we beat the nadrzeczne, a sharp hill to find ourselves above the cut, not too long. Beautiful, deep water with perfectly a tip, Sandy bottom with a small amount of large stones from the side of the side and the high, flowing vertical rock of the other shore was about the beauty of this place. The first, research throw with a high-cut stick and very slow collecting links that give the bait the does not work, but allows you to x-Ray the water. Another swing and the eyes of my imagination I can see in the flow of the golden gnome, breaking the bottom with a large sea anchor. The cutting of the line makes me feel clear on the dolniku. Hooked goes down the bow to the middle of the river, counting the movements of the deep-cut iron... one, two, three, five... there is... a sudden fishing bait and I have a fish going down the river. The fishing rod, the reel with the rod spits out another meters of links.

I put her on the limit of the strength of the set! We did it! The fish stands, returns up the river, makes another wheels and slowly, slowly heading towards the right shore. I've just arrived at the landing site rafał is coming down from above and accompanies me to the end of the lobby. We measure the fish, equal to 100 cm, although it seemed bigger right after the fish. A series of few photos and the track is back in the water. The smoke from the cigarette ends the pause. I'm left alone. I have about 40 minutes left until the agreed return time.

Taking a few more pitches. I repeat the script, the proven way of running the bait reminds me a bit of my experience with the most dangerous predators from the native river.

The difference is only about the weight of the bait and the water supply zone. The same golden gnome lands again at the bottom of the river, and the weight of the weight falls into a well-known rhythm. Counting the fluctuations.... one, two, three, four, five... a powerful fishing rod takes me out of the trance.

The fish with the power of the locomotive makes a trip down the river. The brake is howling at the limit of pain. Clearly I feel that the dynamics of action are beyond all that I have already experienced in previous days. I don't manage to stop the fish, it goes down with all its power in the szypot starting another gutters.

The situation is getting serious, the line disappears at an extremely slow pace. I'm cut off from the fish with a sharp fish and deep water on the shore. I realize my adventure will be over in a moment. However, I lift the rod high and enter the first almost 5 M High Rock at the foot of the mountain. Looking for a way to beat the next meter approaching me to the fish. Like a mountain kozica glued with two legs and a free hand hanging on a rock wall. In my right hand I still hold the throbbing set.

As in a wonderful fairy tale, he finds a way to beat the next meters. Slowly, from behind the rock I reveal a gutter with a fish, which luckily stood in the back zone of the lower braid current. Entering the last stone without sharp edges. The further road is associated with a jump into the river. Fortunately, at the very wall, I can see a river of sand coming in the middle of a river. Without thinking long, I jump into the water, I catch the bottom, I jump a few times, thus I'm going to the top of the mountain that was tied earlier.

With Entrance 30 meters above the water mirror. I fell in love with the screaming luring, thus towards me the left accompanies here. At the same time, we cut the distance to the fish, taking the lost meters of the line.

The last act of the lobby takes place within the lower braid area of the lower braid. The fish is slowly getting weaker with me. The track on the shallows track is efficiently managed by rafał. There it is, there it is! We did it. I've never had this kind of emotion connected with the akrobatycznymi exploits before. I laugh like a little child. Quick Series of photos by rafał, the measure shows 125 cm!! Wow. I am the most dangerous man in the world! .