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As we expect to catch Masheer of more than 7-8 kg, we obviously need strong fly-angling gears. We can use single handed and double handed fly rods while fishing. Reel of capacity of holding minimum 300 yards of 30 lb backing line which is made from top ranked company.


300 yards of 30 lb lines with 3 to 6 inch sinking tips are recommended. While fishing first 12-15 feet are sinking into water and other is floating in water. If you use single as well as double handed rod, the sinking rate is almost same. But for the leaders, you have to use about 3-9 feet leaders with monofilament fishing lines of 20-30 lb capacity and non-tapered 4-5 feet long 30lb mono leader.


Golden Masheer also can be caught by using the flies that we use for Salmon. Golden Masheer usually passes via strong currents in search of small fish minnows. While selecting flies we have to resemble the minnows. We can use wet fly or streamer like Wolly Bugger, Siducer, Salmon fish etc. Nymph that replicate stone fly nymphs also can be used. To make our line sank easily we are recommended to use weighted flies.

Masheer are strong enough to bend our fishing rod so we have to use the strongest rod, especially 3x string 1/0 size hooks.


To trap Golden Masheer, we need to look for the spot where water remains stable and there is less current where small fishes are supposed to migrate. To ambush small fishes, Golden Masheer goes to the corners under stones. Generally 40-50 feet distance from bank is ideal for catching Golden Masheer. Just below and above the rapid wave, chasing the small fishes Golden Masheer swims here and there.

So it is important to study the river before we set up rod and casting regarding depth, current and color of river and use fly and nymphs accordingly. Do not use bright color clothes and do not wade water much. You must wear camouflaged dress always. If there is no bite, we have to change the direction on the basis of water rapid of upstream and downstream.

If you cannot make any catch to don’t lose patient, take rest, stay calm and recheck your rods, lines, hook, and fly. If we find similar spot around go there and repeat the same process. It is very crucial to leave water to be stable and quiet. You may feel bite and hope for catching Masheer. If there is no bite anymore, we have to change the spot.

Casting and Stripping

Casting from 40-50 feet distance making angle of 40-50 degree is best but if the current is speedy you just let fly be swum itself to bank. While stripping a fly fishing we have to cover the areas around stones. Masheer always waits fly to be reached to river bank and attempt to catch it at last so that I will not lose fly and strikes it.

When you feel strike we have to wait until it is hooked and cast it. Masheers are too tricky if the fly is not edible it won't come again, we have to wait and change the fly pattern and cast the strike.


Golden Masheer makes strong strike and snaps the line. If the strike is strong, hook will be automatically set but your hook should be sharp.

Best time to fish, especially in clear waters are when its dark, early morning 6-7am and late afternoons 6-7:30 PM and during the night as well.

Once hooked

The Masheer of more than 3 ibs starts running suddenly. So you have to keep our fly line free form tangling with stones and your feet. When it takes out more than 2000 yards of back running, it almost loose its strength, so we can reel it easily. Until it comes to shallow water it gives another 2-3 runs and once in sees human, Masheer again runs 2-3 times. Finally we keep the Masheer on the bank and reel it when it is fully given up.

Please be responsible Angler and conserve our fish by Practicing "Catch and Release."

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