Multi Day Fishing Trips

Multi day fishing trips in Nepal

Multi Day Fishing in Nepal

Two night three days fishing tour to Betrawati and Trishuli is the most beautiful trip to add on your existing trip list. The trips start from the drive the river Trishuli which takes roughly 4 hours. Also, you will be able to experience the rafting in the Himalayan white water along with fishing experience in the flowing river. You will be staying in the beautiful yet simple resort in the river bank and next day you return to Kathmandu.

Multi-day fishing trip in mountain streams is the more fun. In the Terai river water large catfish, murrel and carp are found in abundance. There are some specific ethnic groups in the hills and Terai region of Nepal whose lifestyles have been based on fishing. Bote, Majhi, Tharu and Machhuwar are some of them.
Multi Day Fishing Camp

Nowhere else in the Himalayan region could one find hundreds of kilometers of cool, crystal clear fishing waters, teeming with mahseer, snow trout, fresh water eel and catfishes as in the upper reaches of the rivers Gandaki, Koshi and Karnali of Nepal. Angling in such beautiful waters amidst glorious scenery is a diverse, subtle and beguiling sport. The dancing and frolicking of fish are definitely a worth seeing sight in the Himalayan rivers.

Multi Day Fishing Trips

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